Peter Stick is a member of the Slush Fighters V.


Peterstick is a dark red stick guy. He has a pale blue outline and dark blue eyes. He is usually seen carrying around his acoustic guitar on his person.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Acoustictrophe Guitar:Edit

A transparent yellowish-green acoustic guitar that has the ability to release strong soundwaves that can break apart any object it targets or knockback and injure any person it hits.

The guitar is also durable enough to take in heavy-hitting damage that would naturally destroy guitars just like it. It has been modified with a reinforced metal-plating underneath and the strings itself are actually made from Peter's own natural energy which camouflages itself as a bunch of normal guitar strings. Peter can also discard the strings and lay them down as some sort of landmines which he can detonate through the simple turn of his guitar's tuners. Because the guitar itself is very strong on its own even without using its main power, Peter can use it as a melee weapon in case enemies get too close to him. Peter can still use the strings as well as lassos or any of the sort, like cables.

The use of his guitar's soundwave can vary; Peter can use the soundwaves to temporarily disrupt his opponent's hearing or sight, cause his opponent to temporarily be stunned and have their movements make them stagger and even send them blasting away. The soundwave can also cause a break in the hearing barrier of any area which can cause an explosive break between sounds. Peter can also use both the guitar and the attack he makes as shields for himself.


Peter is capable of unleashing disrupted soundwaves through the simple burst of his voice combined with his guitar's own rhythm.

With this ability, Peter can use his own voice as a weapon similar to his Acoustictrophe Guitar, but on a lesser yet stronger extent. Peter can also store up the soundwave within his body and then proceed to release it as a more powerful attack. Much like his guitar, he can this to shield himself in the case his guitar becomes unable to be used. This power also allows Peter to detect even the slightest sound of movement in his area by humming and listen in on his opponent.


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