Phantom is a mysterious fighter that can seemingly predict the future and has knowledge of most fighters. He also acts as a harbinger to fighters, forewarning them about who they are up against before vanishing. 
Phantom 2

Appearance Edit

Phantom has yellow skin and black outline. He also has a long, grey cape and half of a mask that covers the right side of his face. His eyes have different color, the right side being red that glows under the mask while the other is blue.

Abilities Edit


Personality Edit


Quotes for fighters Edit

  • Stan: You'll be shocked how fast you'll be taken down.
  • Dag: Make no mistake for his toys aren't for playing.
  • Zee: Better have a friendly spirit or face a dragon's spirit.
  • Ken: Bones shall be breaking as the ground starts quacking.
  • Seth: Leave lest you taste the vengeful soul's wrath.
  • Cara: Death as sharp can reach you afar.
  • Freeze: Your cold demise won't be as forgiving as he is.
  • Peach: A green storm shall strike you down.
  • Jonathan: You'll be mega-shocked once you brawl with him.
  • Fyonna: The one who controls earth shall control your fate.
  • Hunter: Hide all you like, he'll hunt you down.
  • Redster: Fear not just man but death's eternal flames.
  • Virus: Beware for your life will be corrupted by her wrath.
  • Delta Patrol: Protect yourself like a fortress or meet your demise to the one who patrols it.
  • Papi: I foresee three personalities that will swiftly strike you burnt and crushed.

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Trivia Edit

  • His eyes were supposed to be red but were change by red and blue.
  • His mask is based off the mask from The Phantom of the Opera.



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