Phantom is a mysterious fighter that can seemingly predict the future and possesses a uniquely powerful ability. 

Appearance Edit

Phantom has yellow skin and black outline. He also has a long, white cape and half of a mask that covers the right
Phantom 3
side of his face. His eyes have different colors, the right side being red that glows under the mask while the other is blue.

Abilities Edit

Dimension Pull Edit

When performing a swiping motion in the air, Phantom is able to create a rift that opens to another parallel world/dimension and he is able to pull an individual out of it and can allow them to co-exist with their counterpart.

Once the person is attacked or damaged in any way, the pain will also be shared to their counterpart as they are linked. One thing to note is that if the person comes into contact with their counterpart, both of them will be merged together and will be obliterated from reality.

Phantom is able to pull his own counterparts with the same sheer strength and speed but his counterparts do not have Dimension Pull. He automatically has control over his counterparts once they are pulled out, and he typically uses them to either heal himself or to help out fight off his foes. If Phantom merges with his own counterparts, it will instead heal his wounds and damage taken from his opponents.

Personality Edit


Trivia Edit

  • His eyes were supposed to be red but were change by red and blue.
  • His mask is based off the mask from The Phantom of the Opera.



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