Pyrostick is a "drab" colored stickman with a dark blue border, he is a fusion of a person and a dragon.


  • He can Spit fire.
  • He flies.
  • He can<page is ripped off>.


  • Standard attack: Pyrostick heals a Slush Fighter/Defender.
  • Upgrade 1: Dragon pwn!: Pyrostick burns the chosen enemy that deals damage to everything near him(Slushers not included).
  • Upgrade 2: FlameDragon: Pyrostick starts summoning tiny dragons to fight all enemies. This also gives Pyrostick an auto icon.
  • Ultra attack: Super Flaming Dragon fighters: EXTREEEME! Pyrostick does his morphing powers to morph into A GIANT DRaGON!!!!!!
    File:Eminem - Rap God (Instrumental) Studio Quality


  • His real name is Benjamin.
  • IRL he is a Jedi (no joke)
    • Jediism is a real religion, you can find more information here (please take this seriously, this is absolutely NO joke, I'm very happy to have a friend that has a not well known religion -Shaden)

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