Redster Double (or more commonly known as Redster II or Redster 2.0) is the version of Redster in TRS's series, which is actually the real Redster's "son" (failed genetic clone). He appears to be more sadistic and cruel than his predecessor.

Redster II

First Appearance:

Battle for Slusherville

Latest appearance:

Origin of the Villain


Winning, Power, Watching his enemies die








Redster II has a slight difference in appearance than the original Redster. His colors are darker and also he appears to have bruises and various injuries from past battles all over his body, even though he's actually fought in very little because his robots mostly do all the work.


  • He is actually supposed to be a genetic creature.
  • He was created after Redster was defeated in the events of Battle For Slusherville.
    • This being said, the many wounds on his body may have come from the original Redster himself, as he was severely injured at the time, almost to the point of death.

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