Scottick -- artwork 1


Scottick is the admin of the Slush Fighters W.


Scottick's main color is a brownish red with a black outline and he has dark blue eyes.


Scottick is the more laid-back and casually-minded member of his team. While some of his teammates have really energetic attitudes, some being introverted or some being just goofy, Scottick is the closest one to having just an everyday person's personality.

While generally being approachable, he prefers spending his time doing things he thinks would be more worth his own interests, and sometimes even just sitting around when not at all interested in doing anything. He is far away from being lazy, but is the least enthusiastic about certain things, mainly ones that don't pique his interest. Among his team, however, he is most knowledgeable and often the one to come up with strategies, if not gives possible choices for them to take in a situation. Being the admin of his team, he takes his position as the group's second-in-command seriously, but when he isn't feeling like it, he, humorously, goes back to his usual attitude mentioned above and makes a beeline from being the wise strategist of the group to someone who believes and tells others that he isn't reliable.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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