Slush Invaders: The Series - Season 1 (abbreviated as SI: TS - SE 1) is the name of the first season of the Slush Invaders: The Series.

Synopsis Edit

Taking place almost a year after the Slush Fighters had successfully defeated the Blue Baddies and several months after the defeat of the Green Groovers, the Slush Fighters are ready to end their break and begin the second semester of their second year in Slusher, their beloved college and home.

Having grown in numbers after the Dean of Slusher had decided to transfer or accept newer students into Slusher to help defend it from anymore serious threat, not wanting to rely on Standrew and his team constantly, the denizens of Slusher is greater than ever before, now having numerous teams of different Slush Fighters, each with their own unique members and own unique stories to tell.

Though everything is fine for now, danger is bound to return, and it will, as new and old threats begin to loom over the horizon for Slusher's exceptionally remarkable set of aspiring heroes and heroines.

The story begins anew...

Episode List Edit

This section is about the list of episodes that are/were seen in the first Season of Slush Invaders: The Series.

  1. "Welcome to Slusher, Tower and Wing"
  2. "V is for Victory!"
  3. "We are Slushians"
  4. "Third times the Harm"
  5. "Caped Calling"
  6. "Instant Sthang"
  7. "Female Fatality"
  8. "You can't Standrew"
  9. "Second Week Bombbuster"
  10. "Green and Mean"
  11. "All Green, no Wins"
  12. "Attack of the Opposites"

More to be Added

List of Characters Edit

This section is about the list of Characters seen and/or mentioned within the first Season.


Major Events Edit

This section is about the list of major events that have transpired within the first Season.


Reminiscence Edit

This section is about the list of reminiscence that had occurred within the first Season.


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