Seth is a protagonist in The Stickman Series and is the boyfriend of StiChara.
Seth 3



Seth has blue eyes and a dark grey border, but when he blasts his laser, Seth's pupils will turn into a translucent cyan color.

When turned into Hyper Seth, his eyes are firey with the color blue and white. His eyes are also cyan and his pupils are green.

Post-death (current)Edit

After meeting his painful death, he returns as a vengeful spirit that somehow able to manifest a physical form. He has dark cyan outline and cyan as his main color. His eyes are replaced with white dots that often glow, and only displays a mouth when he shoots his laser or when he eats or drinks (and also when he kisses his girlfriend.)

History Edit

Biography Edit

Seth was a former member of the Team S and a former resident and defender of the Slusher Wing. He lived a life he loved and was happy with it, until one incident where they almost lost their lives from an ambush sent by Redster and was separated from his team with Ken. The others manged to escape while he and Ken were injured and hid near a forest where they were both lost for the night. Due to exhaustion and frustration, they both had an argument which led to a fight that took place near a cliff. Seth was overheating his body and proposed a truce, but his friend was bilnded by anger and pushed Seth to his demise.

The Return Edit

A week later, during midnight at the same cliff, a large explosion occurred and startled everyone a mile away. A glowing entity rose from the ground and wandered off towards Slusherville and upon arriving in the city, frightened people. Authorities were then called to attack the entity, but it got enraged and begins to fight back. Team S then arrived to the scene and as the entity looks at it's adversaries, it spots a familiar face who was Ken, which caused it to regain it's memories and the entity was in fact Seth. The four then attacked Seth but all abilities proved to be futile and they got defeated easily. He then reveals himself to be the deceased member of their team, leaving them speechless.

As he took down his former members, he was confronted by Redster, who released all the genetic creatures in an attempt to immobilize Seth and convert him to be a part of Redster's group. During the midst of the battle, he was overwhelmed by the numbers of his opponents and got his back impaled and was dragged towards a building where
it collapsed on top of him. An ominous light then emerged, causing the genetic creatures to be confused, but then was greeted by a blast that Seth fired from his mouth, injuring most of the creatures. Wings and Blade then attempted to attack him from the back yet again, but from experience, Seth responds by firing destructive rays from his back, defeating all genetic creatures. Redster then threatens the monster to step down or he will obliterate Team S with a canon. Seth refused and Redster activates the the weapon, which Seth bolts in and absorbs the blast, then releases it to Redster, causing him to be thrown far away.

He hesitated to finish off the remaining members, but turned away, only to be halted by Stan who convinced him that there is still hope for him. Through out the rest of his days, he has continued to fight other evil fighters and proved his redemption. As to where he is, he lives in Chara's house, taking care and tidying up the place.

Personality Edit

Seth is kind (sometimes) and has a cheerful personality, although he is shown to be very hot-headed, and has a very short temper. Seth is very aggressive towards his enemies but also loves to mock them. He loves playing video games with his bestfriend Ken and enjoys travelling with people he is close to.

However, after returning as a "ghost", he rarely displays any other emotions other than his internal rage and anger. After being converted into a protagonist again, most of the time he stays silent and rarely talks. Although he has shown some aspects of his past personality. 


Laser Blast Edit

Seth's trademark ability, a blue laser that he builds up radiation from his body and releases it. It is extremely hot and can reach up to long distances. There is also a powerful version of Seth's Laser Blast, which the color changes to red and is able to eradicate anything that it touches.

Although this isn't his primary weapon anymore but only to be used as a last resort. Seth's laser also changed it's appearance and the way it fires. When released, a steam of blue flame will first be ignited and will gradually condense into a thin purple beam.

When a genetic creature managed to impale Seth who is weakened from battle, he managed to cause Seth to feel immense pain that he responded by shooting a cluster of lasers from his back.

Physical Traits Edit

Seth is shown to be very durable, able to take most damage enemies give him. Though, he can be overwhelmed at times. He also has higher agility than an average person, usually he is able to dodge some attacks.

After his death, he rarely uses his powers and relies on his fighting skills. Despite him not fighting much as he used to with his team, in the battle field he has become more durable and displays super strength. He has been impaled many times and got shot by other abilities but barely displays injuries.

Regardless of his durability, he can be weakened by extremely cold temperatures or abilities. If he is also weakened, he may loose his guard and durability, making him vulnerable to attacks.

Resurrection (post death ability) Edit

When Seth is taken down, he slowly disintegrates into a blue orb which is his soul where he recuperates. If the orb itself is attacked, it creates an electrical barrier as a self defense mechanism. He will emerge from the orb if he fully recovers (which takes a long period of time.)


  • On "Stickman Adventure" Seth is the 3rd to be unlocked.
  • Seth's main ability, Laser Blast, is inspired from Godzilla's atomic breath.
  • Seth has arachnophobia.
  • Seth also transformed into a creature once that is called "WereSeth" (obviously a reference of a werewolf) that has a laser tail and glowing eyes.
  • Seth can in fact shoot red laser, this can be activated by negative effect especially anger.
  • Seth appears to be the smallest character in Slush Adventure World.
  • Seth drinks cold beverages to tone down his hot temperature.


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