Seth is a living soul whose great powers stand unopposed and should never be fought alone.  

He is the boyfriend of StiCara.  
Seth pose

Appearance Edit


Seth has blue eyes and a dark grey border, but when he blasts his laser, Seth's pupils will turn into a translucent cyan color.

When turned into Hyper Seth, his eyes are firey with the color blue and white. His eyes are also cyan and his pupils are green.

Post-death (current)Edit

His appearance has completely changed and now appears ghostly and astral, having a cyan body color that would glow at times, dark eyes whose irises are replaced with small white dots. Occasionally, he will display a mouth that is crooked and resembles jagged teeth that can also split apart to shoot his powerful beam.

History Edit

Biography Edit

Seth was a former member of the Team S and a former resident and defender of the Slusher Wing. He lived a life he loved and was happy with it, until one incident where they almost lost their lives from an ambush sent by Redster and was separated from his team with Ken. The others manged to escape while he and Ken were injured and hid near a forest where they were both lost for the night. Due to exhaustion and frustration, they both had an argument which led to a fight that took place near a cliff. Seth was overheating his body and proposed a truce, but his friend was bilnded by anger and pushed Seth to his demise.

The Return Edit

A week later, during midnight at the same cliff, a large explosion occurred and startled everyone a mile away. A glowing entity wandered off towards Slusherville and caused havoc. Before fighting Team S and soon Redster, it causes major destruction to the city. As it's destruction was hindered by Team S, the entity easily overpowered the four fighters and was later revealed to be the deceased member of the team who is Seth.

Redster then steps in battle, releasing his Genetic Creatures to fight Seth. The creatures started to overwhelm and annoy Seth, attacking him with their strong abilities and outnumbering him but Seth is far from defeat and responds by releasing highly destructive rays. After defeating the creatures, he then vanishes for 3 months. 

Months later, a powerful being named Virustick emerged and morphed most of SlusherVille into a corrupted hellscape. Team S and many of their allies fought Virustick and her minions, causing mass destruction. Disturbed by this, Seth awakens and has a violent battle with Virus but was buried under a large structure that collapsed on top of him as the virus directs it's attention towards Seth's former teammates. As the defenders were at the verge of death, Seth returns and has a final fight against his adversary. He then grabs Virus and fired a beam of laser inside the virus' core, causing her to fluctuate out of existence.

Current LifeEdit

As he earned his redemption, he lives in his girlfriend's house, tidying and taking care of the place while his partner is gone. He rejoined Team S and helps them battle off strong opponents. 

Personality Edit

Seth is kind (sometimes) and has a cheerful personality, although he is shown to be very hot-headed, and has a very short temper. Seth is very aggressive towards his enemies but also loves to mock them. He loves playing video games with his bestfriend Ken and enjoys travelling with people he is close to.

During his return, he rarely displays other emotions other than annoyance and rage but the one word that fully describes Seth entirely is that he is very violent. He is dead-serious and does not take jokes lightly and often responds with his fists. Though he did reattain some aspects of his old personality. He also loves spending time with his girlfriend as this puts him in a calm and relaxing state.


Physical Traits Edit

Seth is shown to be very durable, able to sustain most damage enemies give him. Seth boasts higher agility and strength than the average human, being able to throw a barrage of punches towards his foes and can easily dodge incoming attacks.

Regardless of his durability, he can be weakened by extremely cold temperatures or abilities. If he is also weakened, he may loose his guard and durability, making him vulnerable to attacks.

Laser BlastEdit

Seth's laser beams have different variations, each stronger than the other. His original laser was blue that explodes upon contact with anything and can be concentrated into a red, strong beam. His current beam which glows purple/pink is the strongest by far, able to slice through any matter and can be shot at any part of his body, typically his back which are a cluster of lasers.


Seth has the ability to produce fire of his own, usually with the unnatural color of pink/purple. Though, how Seth uses his pyrokinesis as if it only has one purpose; to coat his fists and use it to strengthen his punches even more.

Resurrection Edit

When Seth is taken down, he slowly disintegrates into a blue orb which is his soul where he recuperates. Seth still has consciousness while being inside the orb and may freely come out when threatened. Seth may also control to where the orb will float towards, but the orb is usually stationary.


  • On "Stickman Adventure" Seth is the 3rd to be unlocked.
  • Seth's main ability, Laser Blast, is inspired from Godzilla's atomic breath.
  • Seth has arachnophobia.
  • Seth appears to be the smallest character in Slush Adventure World.
  • Seth drinks cold beverages to tone down his hot temperature.
  • Currently, he is one of the strongest characters in the series.
  • He also shares the same birthday of Cara.


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