The Slush Arena is an annual all-out battle stadium for all stick figures, both in existing, well-known stick figure fighting series and fanmade can compete to be the "Strongest Fighter Of All".


Year 1 - First Year Competition:Edit


Team Numbers: 10

Max Number of Participants in each Team: 4

Min. Number of Participants in each Team: 2

Ladder Matches:Edit

  • Preliminaries - Tag Team Elimination: King of the Hill and Survival
  • Deciding Preliminary Round - 1 on 1 Match
  • Semi-Finals - 2 on 2 Tag Team Matches
  • Finals - 4 on 4 All-Out Battle

Ladder Matches Details:Edit

[ To be Added... ]

Year 1Edit

Events: Tag Team Elimination, Round 1 - King of the Hill, Round 2 - Survival, Preliminary Round - 1 on 1, Semi-Finals - Tag Team and Final Round.

The Arena begins!!

When: June 12 - September 9, 2017


Note: Can be edited/added by other users who wish to participate. Additionally, only 4 members from each team can participate.

Match Ups (Year 1)Edit

Tag Team Elimination:Edit

  • Team Silver - Team Yellow
  • Team Red - Team Black
  • Team Orange - Team Violet
  • Team Green - Team White
  • Team Blue - Team Pink

Rules / Match Details:Edit

  1. The first in the line-up of this match will go first against each other. The leader of both team must select their two fighters to participate in the match.
  2. Optional: A banner displaying the "VS screen" can be made to also improve the odds of the team against each other.
  3. A voting session will be held where other participants who are not currently in battle will vote on which fighter/team will be the victor (as given below).
  4. The winning team will be given 10 points upon victory. The losing team will be given 2 points upon defeat.
  5. Optional: To add some fun to the battle, the players, in or out of battle, can imagine the scenario and analyze the fight and see who they will favor more over the rest.
  6. The match will only begin once both opposing team have entered their participating fighter(s).


  • An all out battle for funzies~

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