Slush Invaders: Gale of Doom (or abbreviated as SI: GoD) is a 3D, RPG, action, multiplayer, adventure game made by Red Tiger.

It is the second Slush Invaders game in RT's book and the overall fifth game in the entire Slush Invaders Universe.


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Set two months after the events of Season 4, a group of seven Slushians are being lead by Standrew towards a mysterious tower that was sighted towards the disappearance of ten people after entering it.

With Standrew are two members of the Slush Fighters M.; Werestick and Dustick, two members of the Slush Fighters V.; Stick Louis and Stick Merlin, the leader of the Slush Fighters S.; DagStick and the leader of the Slush Fighters V.; Vincetick.

The seven fighters venture through the woods and sees the tower from afar. They enter through the stone bridge it is connected with and open the tower's large door and enter it without precaution. Just as the entire group enters the tower, the door behind them suddenly closes, and when the team looks back at their front, a hooded figure ambushes them as it orders a large number of goblin-like creatures to attack the team. Just as the group is near defeating all of the Stroblins, the hooded figure then unleashes a devastating gale, which sends the team flying to which it then sends them all crashing to the floor. The group is now unconscious.

Two weeks later, Stanthony along with the majority of everyone within Slusher head towards the same tower to go look for their missing friends.

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This section is about the Achievements in Gale of Doom.

Story Mode Achievements:Edit

  • Introduction Achievements:
    • Welcome to the Tower - Complete the Introduction
    • The Slushy-able Future - Find a "Glimpse of the Slush Future" artifact
  • Entrance Achievements:
    • The Coolguy Extraordinaire - Pick DrewStick as the main character
    • The Knee of Justice - Pick Stedro as the main character
    • What A View! - Check out the entire area of the entrance to the Tower
  • Floor 1 Achievements:
    • TryStick - Save and recruit TryStick
    • What Comes Next: #1 - Find a "Glimpse of the Slush Future" artifact on the first floor dungeon
    • One Versus A Dozen - Takedown twelve (12) enemies all by yourself
    • Separate Power: #1  - Separate with your partner or teammates, wander around the floor and takedown a group of enemies without being incapacitated or defeated
    • Local Shopper: #1 - Buy an item from one of the nearby shops
    • Local Visitor: #1 - Reach Floor 1's town, The Village of Beginnings
    • New Visitor: #1 - Buy a settlement in Floor 1's town
    • Marcstick - Save and recruit Marcstick
    • Enemy Slayer: #1 - Defeat ten (10) enemies
    • Stick Zee - Save and recruit Stick Zee
    • Starma - Save and recruit Starma
    • The Power of Five - Have five (5) members in your team
    • Slush Fighter Tune Up: #1 - Upgrade your team stats once
    • What Comes Next: #2 - Find a "Glimpse of the Slush Future" artifact in the Village of Beginnings
    • Ninjastick - Find and recruit Ninjastick
    • Dungeon Clearer: #1 - Clear out Floor 1's dungeon
    • Explorer of the Gale: #1 - Explore all areas on Floor 1
    • What Comes Next: #3 - Find a "Glimpse of the Slush Future" artifact in the Forest of Starters
    • Downfall of the Warlock - Defeat "The Warlock"
    • Stick Merlin - Save and recruit Stick Merlin (Note: Stick Merlin is the boss of Floor 1, known as "The Warlock")
    • Cutiestick - Save and recruit Cutiestick
    • Floor Cleared: #1 - Clear Floor 1 (Note: Done by defeating the Floor Boss, "The Warlock")
    • And It Begins... - Progress to Floor 2
  • Floor 2 Achievements:

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Arena Mode Achievements:Edit

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Extra Mode Achievements:Edit

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  • This is the first game in which Standrew is not the first playable character as well as not being the protagonist.
  • This game takes place between the events of Season 4 and Season 5.
    • This actually marks TryStick and StAdi's first ever appearance in the series, as Stick James had said in the fifth season that TryStick and StAdi joined about a couple of weeks after the end of the Dark Season and five weeks before the events that take place in the fifth season.
  • There numerous changes in the characters that are quite visible, both in their new design, abilities and moves. Examples are Stick Luke's tomahawks being designed as traditional tribal tomahawks than his usual ones, Stick Prime's feet jet thrusters' ignition flames being colored neon green than neon blue and StIcy's ice pillar being replaced by a move called "Crystal Pillar". Below are other changes done in the game:
    • Stedro's "pixel" effects are colored blast red than blue
    • Sthang's phoenix aura shows a tail, unlike usually where it shows only its wings and head
    • Stick James' "alarm" effects are colored yellow than red
    • Ben Stickobi holding a secondary lightsaber that resembles a Sith's red lightsaber. Along this, he can apparently use the Force unlike before.
    • Stickyle's green flames are colored blue than green
    • Stick Jenny wields pin knives than her usual ones
    • Stick Slasher having four metal claws than the usual three
    • Sthromas' cape being colored cyan than the usual blue. Along this, his "Rage" effect is colored light blue-mega orange than aura blue-pale orange
    • Ethanstick's scarf being colored green than yellow. Bill's "Horn Beam" is also colored dazzling purple or shining green than yellow orange.

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