A mix of Steric, Stick Dan, and StAddison. Instead of holding a flash grenade, I used a smoke bomb and a explosive grenade. I'm not individually working out, I'm also teaming up with my cousin, Stedward, with both grey colors.

Trivia Edit

  • Has white color and red borders.
  • Detonates an explosive grenade and a smoke bomb at a time before even attacking.
  • Owns three weapons of his favorite Slush Fighters: Steric's collateral sniper, Stick Dan's modified machine gun, and StAddison's instant impact rifle, individually used at different moments.
  • For a quick scope, he does that better than Steric does, two-thirds faster than Steric without the Quickscope upgrade.
  • He's best on sniper when airborne, the modified machine gun on move, and the instant impact rifle at sneaking.
  • He likes using his explosive grenade the most, in any attack.

"Legendary Mode" Edit

Not only that, he has another side of fighting, he calls it "Legendary Mode" occupied with a individual chain-attached blade and attacks with little and short delays, and even goes non-stop until the target is down. Edit

  • For the chain-attached blade, he launches it while he rapidly front-flips in the air.
  • In fact, the most front-flips he had ever done is 23 front-flips in less than two seconds.
  • When it comes to fights without his individual chain-attached blade, he may 'charge' his fist with loads of power in about a second. And when he releases it by punching his target, he may send his target blown away as far as 20 meters, and can even crush a wall.

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