StAmbrose by Skpcboy

StAmbrose is a black stickman he has an unbreakable stick as his main weapon he also uses a unbreakable steel chair.He is a crazy Lunatic.


•Has Great Reflexes.

•His unbreakable Stick.

•His unbreakable Steel Chair.

•He is Very Strong.


Standard Attack:He attacks the enemy with his stick thrice.

Upgrade 1:Steel Chair:He now also uses his Steel Chair in his combo.He smashes the chair on the enemy's back twice now.

Upgrade 2:Reflexes:He now has a 75% chance to dodge the enemy's attack.

Upgrade 3:Dirty Deeds:Ultra:Hits the target in the stomach with his stick 5 times then hits the target with steel chair 5 times then he puts his steel chair on the ground,Grabs the enemy by his arm pit and slams the enemy on the steel chair.


Ultimate Form:His eyes turn golden his face gets a unbreakable golden helmet his clothes turn into a unbreakable golden armor his steel chair turns into a unbreakable golden sheild and his stick turns into a unbreakable golden sword.

Insane mode:His eyes turn red and he goes crazy and doesn't stop hitting his target or anyone who comes in his path.

Tournament TextEdit

"He randomly found his way to the tournament he was about to leave but realized that his arch enemy StWyatt had joined the tournament.He didn't join to win but to get his revenge on StWyatt"


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