StAzazel (Stay-ZAY-zel) is a demon ambassador sent from the underworld with a split personality. A very caring good side, and a heartless, demonic bad side.

History Edit

StAzazel was born in the fiery depths of you-know-where and raised to an adult, but he had trouble fitting in with the other demons because of his...mood swings. There he developed natural demon powers and was eventually sent to the over-world, equipped with a machete, to wreck havoc on, where else, Slusherville. After hiding for a bit, he heard of a job offering that would help him destroy Slusherville. He forced his bad side deep down so it wouldn't ruin this opportunity, but this was a poor decision because the job was being a new minion to Gregory Isaac Jade Lockswitch. He was a pretty good ally for a bit until he finally had to fight the Slusherville heroes. During this battle, he decided to betray Greg and not let them harm the heroes anymore. This, of course, got him beaten up, and thrown in a filthy alley without his left horn. This finally released Bad StAzazel again, but not to the point of him taking over.


StAzazel has shifting personalities that constantly fight over control of the body. One of these sides was a birth defect and was never supposed to exist. Bad StAzazel has a tendency at showing up at the worst moments possible for Good StAzazel allowing only the good side to take the blame. He is very sensitive about his horns and he is allergic to walrus. Sometimes when the good side takes over, he sits in a corner and cries until he's dehydrated. The bad side is all about death and destruction and wants nothing more but to kill EVERYTHING and make life miserable for both his good self and others.

Abilities Edit

StAzazel comes equipped with a seemingly unlimited supply of brimstone lasers he can shoot form his mouth, some wings, and a machete for emergency purposes. He used to be much stronger but once his left horn was cut off, his power was significantly decreased. Even though he's a demon, he's not immortal...

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