Goodnumberlessadi's new and #1 Character.

Description Edit

StEllar is an alternate version of Adistick.

He has a pet named Luna. It is a dog.

StEllar is an intelligent, smart, kind, creative, and wise person who is determined towards his dreams at all costs.

He always protects ones dearest to him.

He has many wise speeches which can turn rivals into his friends.

Abilities Edit

Abilities: Most of the time, he is an astronomer and coder, but sometimes, when justice calls, he converts into his alter ego, Stellan.

Alter-ego Edit

Stellan: He is a mysterious figure who brings justice to everyone. He seems to have high-tech gadgets and a quick brain, as he can defeat and avoid any encounter almost without a scratch.

Luna Edit

Luna: It is a cute White labrador. He is trained and is very smart.

Story Edit

Story: (TBA)

Enemies and Friends Edit

Enemies: Storvalek (TBA), Stilter (TBA), (TBA)

Friends and Allies: TBA

Miscellanious Edit

Weaknesses: While he is StEllar, He is soft hearted. While he is Stellan, he is still soft hearted.

Wierd Facts: In the year 2025, StEllar encountered an enemy, who cursed him. Eventually, he realised what his curse was. During random times, at his house, whenever he got near his experimental substances, he would feel a sudden change, and he would convert into Stellania, his alternate cursed version. She is similar to StEllar, But much more feminine, much weaker, and much cuter. StEllar eventually manages to control this transformation (in 2035)

Also, Luna was given a camouflage ability by StEllar in 2020. He can literally become invisible.

Quotes: (TBA)

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