Stick Ethan

Oh the horror...

StEthan is a lavender Stick figure with a red outline.He has the power to turn into a ghost and summon ghosts. Any enemy he defeats (with the exception of Mini-Bosses and Bosses) turns into a ghost and can fight for him. There are four types of ghosts, depending on the enemy's stats.


Soul Summon

  • StEthan summons a ghost to attack for him

Ghost Orbs

  • StEthan launches ghost orbs at the target with his mind


  • StEthan makes the target turn around and fight for him!


The first thing he ever remembers is waking up in a graveyard. Ghosts were surrounding him. He got really scared because he didn't know what they were going to do to him. Much to his surprise the ghosts said he was their leader. He hesitated to their request but then he realized it would be awesome to control spirits. After two years the sad twist came. DD killed his best and first friend. Getting more than livid, StEthan challenged DD and they both nearly died but finally, Fate (and his phantom friends) decided that StEthan won....and StEthan got revenge by killing DD's mother.

Relationships with other Pritchard membersEdit

Stick Pritchard StudentsEdit

He doesn't know this....but before he became a living body he was a student at Stick Pritchard. He was killed in the invasion.


He killed his mother after his first friend was killed by DD. After he won he got revenge by killing DD's mother

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