StIvan Edit

StIvan is a black stickman and was the first slush defender to get attacked in the Slush Invaders:The Alternate Universe. He is part of the Alternate team.

Powers Edit

StIvan doesn't have any powers and is just really good at fighting and will never back down from a challenge. StIvan can use general fighting move but has a special move called crotch don't want to know how much pain will be caused.....

Story Edit

StIvan was a rookie fighter and stayed that way. He was then transferred to Slusher for more training and when he saved Stuce from near death, he has been training with him ever since.

Relationships Edit

StIvan's main friend is Stacey but although Stuce is his tutor and teaches him more fighting techniques, StIvan sees him as a friend but keeps this fact a secret

Gallery Edit

In Game Upgrades (Not Real Yet) Edit

StIvan - Basic Melee Damage, Double Damage to machine type enemies

Powered Up - 20% more damage

Overthrow - Throws the first enemy he encounters

Crotch Kick - Kicks 'em where it hurts the most to stun the enemies

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