StKhen is the caped lightning crusader of the Slush Fighters C..


StKhen's main color is black and has a cyan outline. His eyes are blue with a bit of lighter shade to it. He wears a white cape which he hardly ever removes, even when not with the other members of his team.


StKhen is a cheerful but also clumsy guy. He means well for every right reason, but due to his tendency of tripping up over himself, he tends to come up short even when he is trying his best to not make the slightest mistake.

While overall a nice guy, StKhen does have a love for pulling pranks on people, something he shares with his best friends Ethanstick and Sthaden. Between the three of them, however, he tends to pull pranks the least because of how much he wants to improve himself and to overcome his carelessness. When it comes to serious situations such as in a fight though, StKhen often comes out as the more creative frontline members of his team by making use of whatever is nearby him to help him and his team turn a fight into their favor.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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