StOwl is a Boss in Slush RPG. He is actually Possesed Stezon, He is half yellow, half blue and has an owl behind him


Note: StOwl will always say something before he attacks

                                                               All of StOwl's Attacks

Name (Quote) Description

Living Arrow

(Hmm, Everd of a LIVING ARROW?)

Fires an arrow that kicks any fighter that touches

Rising Owl

(Take care of my RISING OWL!

Stezon's Spirit Comes to life and does a wing slash, then a drill to the fighter that is currentky in combat.

In Shadow, I Find the Light

(I Don't Care, Because In Shadow, I Find the Light)

StOwl will turn back into his original self (Stezon) And Attacks a Random fighter on the field and destroying him for the rest of the battle!

Dark Blade (25% of HP)

(Hmm, You're tougher than i thought, Havath tase at my DARK BLADE!

Stowl's Ultra: He jumps up and Turns his spirit owl into a huge black sword, the screen turns black and then a white slash line appears, then the screen lightens again to reveal Stowl did the slash locking any HPed Fighters and Dealing enough damage to Drain almost 65% of the current fighter's HP!

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