Staira is a character within the Slush Invaders: The Series.

She is a student within Slush City's Economics, Society and World Studies University (S.E.S.W.S.U.) and is Vincetick's girlfriend.


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Season 1:Edit

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Season 2:Edit

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Season 3:Edit

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Season 4:Edit

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Season 5:Edit

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This section is about Staira's relationships in the series

Love Interest(s):


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  • Staira, as she appears in Season 4.


  • To date, excluding Stick Jayvee, she is the only person that Vincetick ever shows signs of positive emotions on, as he is mostly seen as nearly emotionless around everyone else around Slusher while whenever he is around Staira, he shows these emotions that are very rare to see.
  • Staira is a scholar within S.E.S.W.S.U.
  • Staira visibly resembles Aira Shayne from the Stickman Universe series, both in appearance and first name. This is much like how Vincetick visibly resembles Vincent Universe from the same series as well.
    • Though, like Vincetick, however, her personality contrasts Aira's, as she is a bit timid, is rather clumsy and is seemingly hypersensitive, whereas Aira is courageous, self-assuring, unhesitant and dexterous. Though they are both at the same level of intelligence and confident and trusting towards their respective love interests.

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