Stalypso Edit

Stalypso is a black stickman with a white fill for his face. He is part of the Alternate Team

Powers Edit

Stalypso can morph himself into any animal and he gains their strength.

Story Edit

Stalypso lived a a very wealthy life and was very greedy. One day his family took a trip to the zoo and Stalypso fell into an elephant cage. His family never found him and Stalypso was left in there. Stalypso defended the zoo with his newfound powers of transforming into any animal. He went back home, only to find that they had moved without him. Stalypso found a new home in Slusher and to this day he is still grumpy about what had happened.

Relationships Edit

Stalypso is usually grumpy so doesnt hang out with anyone but he considers his friends to be Stuce, Styro and Stacey.

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