Statar (Katar) is a wind powered stick man, and a member of the Elemental Fighters.


Appearance Edit

Statar has a gray outline color with a light-gray body color. He wields a scythe.

Info Card Edit

  • Super high damage.
  • Winds do great knockback.

Abilities Edit

  • Blow: Statar blows his target backward, upward, or pulls them toward Statar. This attack does high damage.
  • Wind Attack: Statar's basic attack. Statar's fist/feet become wind powered. This attack does decent damage.
  • Tornado Master: Statar's Ultra Attack. Depending on how much power he has, Statar will throw 3 super high damage, sucking, tornadoes at his target(Low Power), or become a tornado, and shoot 10 dust devils(High Power).

Unlockables Edit

  • High Storms: When Statar is first summoned on any level, he blows high powered winds.
  • Knockback: Statar's winds have 40% more knockback.
  • Tornado Master: Unlock Statar's Ultra Attack.

Theme Edit

  • His boss battle theme is Waterflame - Skyfight.

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