Static, or Katic is a cowardy stickman.


Apperance Edit

Static has a yellow body color with a black outline and is mostly shown as him running in panic.

Story Edit

Static was born with a special power. To Static, something bad to us is good to him. That thing is cowardness. One day, when Sterman and Stepe were trying escaping from a wave of lava, a yellow blur ran into them and the blur was to be revealed as Static, who screamed, and got blasted by Sterman and rocketed back to home. Static explaned everything to the two other "wizards", as Static calls them.

Abillities Edit

Coward Run, Yellow Blast, Coward Blast, Teleportation, Rage, and Play Dead

Personality Edit

While Static is mostly a coward, he can sometimes be angry, funny, serious(uncommon) and kind(mostly).