Staustin is the sub-leader of the Slush Fighters W.


Staustin's main color is pink with a green outline. He has black eyes and has a grey bandana on his forehead that he is very rarely seen without.


Staustin is friendly and a self-righteous guy. While not particularly being egotistical, Staustin has a firm belief that doing what is morally right is always the better option rather than doing the more ambiguous things because of the potential dangers the latter holds and how it can sometimes show itself to complicate a situation way more than it should.

But when he is proven wrong, he takes it to heart and admits his error. Staustin, however, seems to suffer a lack of self-respect for himself as he seems to look down on himself quite often even when the things he does are truly impressive, like his sword skills being quite original and unique, he comments that he simply took several notes and copied them from others when in reality he actually created his own patterns that are not close to where he previously was inspired from.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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