Stblake Edit

He is orange with a yellow outline. Like Stucker, he can summon his weapon, except he prefers a red lightweight sword.

Attack Edit

He attacks the target with a 5-hit chain attack with his sword. After that, he generates a copy of ally's weapon/power <-left-< of him and uses it to copy his/her unupgraded attack. Medium recharge. Standard fighter.

Perks Edit

  • Copies an ally attack and uses it at the end of his attack chain in addition to his own attacks.
  • A well rounded fighter.

Upgrades Edit

  • Upgrade

Copies ally's unlocked upgrades and applies them to the copied attack.

  • Duo copy

Copies both allies <-adjacent->. Copies the right ally right after copying the left ally.

  • Overseer (level 4 ultra(complete green bog challenge: do not take damage from the carnivorous plants)

Copies all the fighters in the group in one massive combo.

About Edit

He's too young to get into slusher wing, but he is the a memebr of the Hero's Alliance. He is the brightest strategist in the group and he is quite nice.

How to unlock Edit

Get "Alliance" achievement by completing any level with Stony , Stanner , Stwinston , Stim , Stred , Stpaige , and Stelle on your team.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only member of the Hero's alliance too young for slusher wing.
  • He is a brilliant strategist.
  • He can copy anyone's attacks despite the limits he has in-game.
  • His locked icon shows his chained to a pole.