Stewin (Edwin) is an orange stickman with a skyblue borderline. He is the fourth character to unlock at Stacob's assassins .


Stedwin is a smart boy at 2nd year highshool, born from a regular family, his father was a great doctor and his mother was a bad parent always out of the house. One night when Stedwin was asleep his parents fought, Stedwin really didn't care about it since they almost fought all the time, but then a loud scream was yelled by his father. Stedwin became really concerned so he get of of bed and went downstairs, when he found out that his father was unconscious and had a flesh wound at the back of his head, and the door was open. Immediately he called his uncle and brought him at the hospital. His father in a coma after that. His mom is nowhere to be found. Cops command a search party but she wasn't found. Stedwin moved into his uncle, then looked this at a good way, instead of being stressed out, he became more studious and he decided to became a great doctor like his father so that his father will be proud of him if he will ever wake up. Stedwin was then finding a breaktime from studying, decided to go to the gym. There he met Stathan. They became online buddies and became bestfriends. They met Stacob at Slusher Wing. He and the 14 others then enrolled at West AJ.


-He has a hexagonal icon. -He can pin-point punches at human weak-points.

-He can set on Fire-mode.

In game:

-He will uppercut Victor, spin kicks him, then sets him on fire (if upgraded).

-Fire has massive damage for 4 seconds (can half a life of a blue).


Fire Heat+ - Fire has more damage.

Fire Heat++ - Fire has even more damge and has 30% chance of stunning them.

Fire Heat Mega +++ - Fire has 10x more damge than the original damage off the Fire blast (5x stronger in boss battles) .


-All of Stedwin's Icon has Stedwin holding a fire ball/s.

-It also has a purple background.

-It also has a yellow "t" (or "y")  at the background.

-Stedwin shouldn't have fire-powers when I drew it on my sketchpad, until I decided he have to.

-Stedwin's name on my sketchpad is Anthony.

-Stedwin's picture has no name on it. 


File:Stedwin's Icon 2 & 3.jpg
File:Stedwin's Icon 1.jpg
File:Stedwin's Icon 2..jpg
File:Stedwin's Upgrades.jpg
File:Stedwin's pic.jpg
File:Stedwin's Icon 3.jpg
File:Stedwin's description.jpg

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