Stelle (or Stick Elle) is orange with a dark red outline and a pink bandana. She has a fast recharge rate and attacks with lightning punches and speed.

Attack Edit

Jumps up to target and throws 5 rapid punches. Then she uses 3 kicks followed by a downward kick that causes target to bounce back to the same hight. Then, she does and uppercut and leaves the screen. Finally, after leaving the screen, she hits the target with one swift lightning strike attack. Note that she is the lightning bolt and she does not just summon it. These attacks are really fast and don't deal too much damage, but they do briefly stun target. Standard fighter.[[File:Stelle.png|frame|Stelle]]

Perks Edit

*Target is stunned

*Rapid attack

*Fast recharge

Upgrades Edit


Lightning strike does 20% more damage and even if she is hit and has to retreat, she will still be able to use the lightning strike attack.

*Area strike

Lightning strike can hit multiple enemies and deals 20% more damage

*Tempest storm (level 3 ultra (unlocked by completing cloud nine challenge: beat level in 90 seconds and take no damage from birds)

Stelle attacks target with 9 lightning strikes.

About Edit

She started off as [[Stpaige|Stpaige's]] roomate. When she heard about the [[Hero's Alliance]] , she wanted to join. Now she fights for them. She gets along with everyone very easily and has a small crush on [[Stanner]]. Stanner went to her shortly after [[Hero's Alliance]] was formed. She joined just in time to help them rescue [[Stwinston]] and [[Stomar]].

Trivia Edit

*She is roomates and friends with [[Stpaige]]

*Her locked icon shows her trapped in a capaciter with her energy being extracted.

*She is very energetic

*When she does lightning strikes, she doesn't summon them, she becomes them.

*Member of the [[Hero's Alliance]]