Steo(Pheo) is a icey stick man, and a member of the Elemental Fighters. He is best known for being a combo master.

Apperance Edit

Steo has a purple cape and outline with a dark blue body color, almost black.

Abilities Edit

  • Ice Storm: Steo raises his hand, then summons ice balls to go after his target, similar to Stickyle's Star Storm.
  • Combo: Steo's basic attack. He punches and kicks. If he does this enough, he will start doing combos(He can only do a 15 combo).
  • Street Fighter: Steo's Ultra Attack. Steo does a powerful, flawless, 65 hit combo! This attack even freezes his target.
  • Heal: Steo heals all allies he targets.
  • Teleportation: Steo teleports were ever he wants to go to, even freezing opponents around him after he teleports.

Trivia Edit

  • Steo was inspired by Zane, a character from LEGO NINJAGO:Masters Of Spinjitzu, and Sthomas, a Slush Fighter.
  • Steo's attacks are mostly based on ice, but some of his attacks have nothing to do with it.