Stepe(known as Tepe) is a lightning-powered stickman, and second in command of the Elemental Fighters.

Stepe 2

Appearance Edit

Tepe has a light blue color with a yellow outline and dark blue eyes. He has a yellow lightning sticker on his chest when he unlocked his special power.

Abilities Edit

Stepe has amazing lightning powers. He can control any storm that includes lightning, and electricity. Here are his powers:

Lightning Speed, Lightning Burst, Lightning Stepe, Lightning Punch/Kick, Lightning/Electricity Control, Teleportation, and Flash.

Story Edit

When Stepe was born, tiny lightning bolts were flashing all over him. At the age of 4, he learned how to control his power. The first was Lightning Punch/Kick, and the last was Lightning Stepe, when Stepe's whole body becomes full of lightning and power that does massive damage.

Personality Edit

Stepe is Clever, Brave, Active, Kind, and Funny. He likes to hang out with the Slush Fighters/Defenders.

Trivia Edit

  • Stepe was inspired by Jay the lightning ninja from the show Lego NINJAGO:Masters of Spinjitzu.
  • His boss battle theme is Waterflame-Sky Fortress.

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