Sterika is a member of the Slush Fighters W.


Sterika's main color is a pinkish purple with a blue outline. She wears a pair of dark blue glasses and has black eyes.


Being the daughter of a known heroine and a feared demon, she, like her brother Stick Killstreak, is a hybrid of both good and evil. Despite that, and her dark powers, she is a good person that worries about the well-being of others around her and is self-conscious about certain things.

Among her teammates, she is the most proactive when it comes to dealing with things that may turn bad and often tries her best to make sure whatever trouble is going to rise does not get that chance. In contrast to her brother, she asks questions first and fights second, although she can still lose control of her own temperament if she's pushed over the edge, something she tries her best to avoid happening because of how deadly her own mindless rage can be. While being one of the more mature one in her team and close friends, she still has a couple of childish qualities such as being playful with others and getting overly excited regarding a few things she is very fond of.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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