Sterman or Herman is a fire powered stick man, and a member of the Elemental Fighters.


Appearance Edit

He has a red body with a purple outline and brown eyes. The color of his fire is purple.

Powers Edit

All of his powers include fire (Obviously):

Fire kick/punch, Fire Charge, Fire Ball (Classic!), Fire Wall/Ground, Fire Body(Ultra Attack), Fire Sword, and Stepe Help

Story Edit

With OP fire powers, Sterman saved many people and cities from fire(Don't ask me why he helped people from only fires!). One day, when saving a city from you know what, lightning struck, and Sterman met Stepe, and became quick freinds.

Personality Edit

Sterman is kind, brave, active, smart, and sometimes inpatient

Note From The Author Edit

I am the same person who made the page Stepe.