Stezon Is A Pure Yellow Stickman(Much like Stedro) Who can Conjure Green Orbs and Has an Amazing To Knee Kick Blues Far Away, He is usually Kind, but gets Rageful if someone Angers or insult him, He is a Rival of ra Due to a Confusion[The Slashers think Ra is Stez Painted Red]. He Is a Dimension 30175 Slush Fighter


Interdimensional TravelEdit

Stezon was playing Soccer With Stadow And a Red(Which was a Ball) When He Discovered A Dimension Portal, He and stadow Got Sucked Into another world where the slush fighters resided

Enter StandrewEdit

When he entered slusher, he ran into standrew, who mistook him for stedro,Standrew asked Stezon to help him with something, Stezon, not knowing standrew, decided to help him anyway. When Stedro saw stezon, he attacks him, all the residents of slusher were dumbfounded when they saw stedro and Stezon

Slusher Vs Stezon (Sparked Rivalry in NG++ Mode)Edit

note that (Sentences in Italics and in bold happened in NG++ Mode)

Stezon then sees Ra and escapes Pedro's Attack Who then gets attack by Ra who mistook them for stezon , Stezon then throws an orb at Ra Who is using a twirl chain to reflect it and made it hit Sthang , then tries to escape but gets caught by Standrew who then gets attacked by Ra (SteZ used him as a Human Sheild! ((Coming Soon))

Rainbow Vs RedEdit

((Coming Soon))

Attack PatternEdit

Stezon Comes in, upper cuts the enemy with one hand, then grabbing him with the other hand, punches him with the upper cut hand and throws him, he then Teleports and kicks him followed by another one, teleports again, and does a drill kick, teleports one more time to fire a Bow which kicks the enemy when it reaches the other side of the enemy


PoweRecharge:+25% Power and Recharge rate

Ghost:Leaves a Ghost trail to Stezon To Deal Damage Within Stezon's Ghost Trail

Kizon Team

Stezon's Upgrades

Heaven Cutter:(lvl 3 Ultra) Summons a Cutter Wheel from the heavens to Cut Down Enemies: Stezon put

s his arms above his head then summons a blue wheel with a cyan inside appears, then Stezon swings his arms to release the blade he's summoned


  • Stezon Is extremely similar to stedro, the only difference being he can have the ability to conjure up orbs
  • One of the Symbols of the heaven wheel Depicts a stickman about to throw something, this relates to Stezon Using His Ultra


Kizon Ultra

Stezon's Ultra

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