StiChara is one of the supporting characters in The Stickman Series
Chara 3

Appearance Edit

Chara has light green skin with a darker shade of it as her outline, she has pale red pupils. She has a neck-leveled green hair, semi-long bangs and constantly wears a serious expression.

Personality Edit

Chara has a sadistic personality and enjoys the misfortune of others (excluding her friends.) She can be also cruel at times, and has a serious personality. She can also be stubborn and spits out hurtful words.

Though at one point, a student tried befriending her during lunch break. He soon became her friend (and eventually her boyfriend), and as time passed, she also socialized with other people for once, and even made Stick Zee her best friend.

When together with Seth, she is caring and often hugs Seth and loves teasing him. Both of them do argue at times because both of them are short tempered but the tension will eventually fade. Regardless of being the dominant one in their relationship she shows great trust and honesty towards her partner.


Knife Edit

A knife that she had been carrying since she was a young. The knife itself is very sharp and can slice through almost anything. It can also light up red energy which can maximize it's power, it can also extend the red energy to hit opponents from a distance.

Quick Reflexes Edit

While not being very durable, she has quick agility paired with quick reflexes and high stamina making her very good at dodging attacks continuously.

Trivia Edit

  • StiChara's original counterpart is from Undertale.
    • She is also based on her real life counterpart.
  • Her original outline was colored light yellow.

Gallery Edit

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