StiCara is one of the new Slush Defenders and is the girlfriend of Seth.
Chara seth necklace

Appearance Edit

Cara has light green skin with a darker shade of it as her outline and has pale red pupils. She has a neck-leveled green hair, semi-long bangs.  She wears a heart-shaped pendant that has a golden string and has a glass at its front where Seth occupies to accompany her to where she goes. 

Personality Edit

Cara is quiet and sadistic, often enjoying the misfortune of others (excluding her friends.) She can be also cruel at times, and constantly wears a serious expression. 

Though at one point, a student tried befriending her during lunch break. He soon became her friend (and eventually her boyfriend), and as time passed, she also socialized with other people for once, and became close friends with Stick Zee.

Though, Cara finds it difficult to control her violent impulses. She often gives other people the impression of an abusive relationship; mostly people see Cara yelling at Seth or physically hurting him. In reality, Seth understands why she does so and often talks with her, further revealing that it's how she expresses her uncontrolable anger. Cara would try to better herself for Seth but in his "philosophy", she shouldn't force to change who she is and that he is contented of what they have.


Cara rarely fights but has a dangerous power that can fatally injure a person without effort.

Quick Reflexes: While Cara is fragile, she has quick agility paired with quick reflexes and high stamina making her very good at dodging attacks continuously. Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Her original outline was colored light yellow.
  • Her favorite movie genre is horror.
  • Cara has claustrophobia.
  • Cara owns a house outside of the SlusherWing and lives together with her boyfriend.
  • She shares the same birthday with Seth.

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