The most skilled urban skateboarder in the Super Defenders alliance. Other than riding skateboards, he smashes it on some Blue Baddies, especially with grip tape on. It could deal additional damage too!

How Exhaustion sent him to the Defenders? Edit

"I confirmed hands down, but honour Defenders. GET READY FOR THIS!"
He yelled that sentence when he had beaten up several Blues including Bandits, gangs living in the city driving street cars and whack innocent people with their bare hands. He simply used his skateboard and knocked the face out of a Blue willing to attack him. Once all the Blues and Bandits flee several Defenders came to see the scene and found him lying on the ground, in exhaustion. Some picked him up and brought him to the Slush Tower & Wing to get him back to health. StiRuther found himself lying on bed surrounded by Defenders. So they introduced themselves and told him who he actually was fighting with, the Defender's rivals. They offered would he be joining in alliance with the Defenders if he wants to beat out the metal outta more Blues? Yes! He joined the Super Defenders and always be in fighting more Blues and wreck windshields of Bandits too. Beating more Blues was his inspiration after all.

Game Description Edit

  • Long initial approach
  • Rides a skateboard

Upgrades Edit

New Bearings Edit

Shortens initial approach time to target.

Grip Tape Edit

Increases 20% more damage!

Catapult (Ultra Attack) Edit

Whenever used on Big Blue, it sends Big Blue flying to 300 Velocity instantly!

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