SticKen -- artwork 1


SticKen is the powerhouse member of the Slush Fighters S..


SticKen's main color is gray-ish black with an orange outline and has black eyes.


Being the muscle of his team, SticKen is very tough and not someone that easily backs out of a fight. His durability and superior strength makes him his team's physically strongest and toughest, with only his best friend Stick Stan coming at second due to being the fastest.

While he is undeniably the toughest one among his group, he is a very gentle guy when not in the face of a battle. SticKen has a viewpoint that things can either be okay or not depending on the situation but chooses to be optimistic in order to not bring the mood down and tries to keep up a good atmosphere for everyone around him. However, he is also quite slow to pick things up and has to learn a few things but at the cost of possibly forgetting something else.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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