Stick Ken (or just Ken) is one of the new Slush Fighters and one of the protagonists in [[The Stickman Series|The Stickman
SticKen 2


Ken has a dark gray color and has orange outline, his eye color is black. He is also semi-muscular, and visibly has semi-large biceps.

Personality Edit

Ken has a rather chill personality and is often calm even in battles. He is also very competitive and has a passion for sports, most likely relating to Basketball and Volleyball.

One of Ken's main personality is his bravery, he rarely gets scared and is the one who often charges into battle with no hesitation. Despite Ken having average intelligence, he rarely uses them. This is one of Ken's weaknesses and can often lead him to injuries.

History Edit


Abilities Edit

Super StrengthEdit

Ken relies on his combat skills and is physically the strongest of his team. He can lift most heavy objects (excluding structures) and can even cause the ground to shake just by punching it. In addition, he is extremely durable and is very hard to take down. Many foes attempted to impale him with blades and even a drill but most of them were futile.

Although his weakness are other abilities that are ranged, since Ken needs to get closer in order to attack. And despite being durable, if he is outnumbered he can be overwhelmed and will eventually run out of stamina and energy from fighting.

Ground quakeEdit

Since enemies figured out Ken can be fought from long distances, he soon learned he can cause a quick earthquake by punching or pounding the ground and in an extent, he can also create pillars of stone to enclose his foes. 

Trivia Edit

  • His best friend is Seth.
    • Despite this, he is the one who (accidentally) killed Seth off the first place.
  • Ken has an orange hat that says "Take" in it, this is a reference to his original counterpart who was originally named Take.
  • Ken and Seth are the only characters in Slush Adventure World to have 2 characters but is 1 party member.
  • Keneth is a fusion name of Seth and Ken.

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