SticKenneth is a green stick with the power to create radiation bombs. He likes to joke and is pretty skilled at fighting with his powers. He is cautious during fights.


Powers Edit

He can create Radiation Filled Bombs that resemble green circles. He can summon these by taking radiation from his body. He continually generates radiation so when he isnt fighting he needs to occasionally release radiation to stay at safe levels for his surroundings. He is immune to radiation. By taking radiation from his body he can fire and detonate the bombs in a high radiation explosion. He can also amplify his punches and kicks by putting the bombs on his hands and feet or he can surround himself with them as a defense.

Ultimate Attack Edit

If his radiation reaches a critical level(on purpose or not), he will start to glow and burst with power in a mini nuclear explosion. He then turns white with a glowing green border and black clouds block out the sun, causing irradiated snow will start to fall from the sky. This is called his nuclear winter mode. His radiation will start to steadily decrease in this mode but he can use the remaining radiation to perform extra-powerful radiation bombs and his whole body with be bursting with radiation. After his radiation runs out he will turn back green and be very weak for about 10 seconds, leaving him very open in this period.

Backstory Edit

He was playing in a field far from home when he heard sirens. He wandered off into a nuclear test site! It was then his natural born powers activated and he created air bubbles to defend himself. He was severly hurt and rescued by the hospital. They found he was infused with high amounts of radiation. When he tried to use his powers again they manifested as air pockets filled with radiation. He left home in fear of accidentaly hurting his family. He met Bandit on a road to new stick city. They had a small fight but realized they werent enemies. they teamed up and formed a friendship

Trivia Edit

  • He is Truhamahaki's main OC
  • His farts are deadly

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