Stick Blade is the alpha of the genetic creatures and one of the antagonists in The Stickman Series
Stick Blade 3

About Edit

Stick Blade is one of the genetic creatures made from Redster's lab, he soon escaped along with the other genetics. When arriving at Slusherville, Stick Blade drained all electricity causing the city to have a blackout. Soon he was attacked by Dag, after a battle Stick Blade managed to fly away before he was taken down.

Since then he is now a recurring character in the series, often seen terrorizing the city with intentions of harming many people as possible.

Abilities Edit

Dual Blades Edit

The reason why he is named Blade. He has the ability to replace both of his hands into scythe like blades that are capable of slicing or piercing through almost anything. They are extremely hard to break and has metal ropes attached to them which are used to extend the range of the blades or pull an opponent towards Stick Blade.

Eye beam Edit

Stick Blade's cycloptic eye can shoot a beam, although this is a defense mechanism and only activates when something is thrown towards Stick Blade.

Homing Missiles Edit

Stick Blade's chest can open, revealing 4 slots that contains highly explosive missiles, strong enough to take down a 2 story building or any medium sized structure.

Trivia Edit

  • Stick Blade's hands can be formed to normal hands instead of 2 sharp blades.
  • He is inspired from Gigan from the Godzilla franchise.
  • He is by the far the smartest genetic creature.

Gallery Edit

  • Stick Blade
  • Stick Blade's sonic mode

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