Stick Cody is a like a model of me(Codyhero), who has a white body color and a blue outline and eyes.
Stick Cody

Appearance Edit

Stick Cody has a similar ability to Stick Michael (I am not copying his ability, but in real life I draw A LOT), but Stick Cody can erase and create objects with his blue colored pencil, and make them come to reality (so basically, Cody's power is more powerful than Michael's).

Abilities Edit

  • Draw: Cody draws any thing he can think of, and make them, well, come to reality. This attack does no damage unless Cody draws anything that can do damage.
  • Erase: The opposite of draw. Just like Mickey's paint brush from Epic Mickey/Epic Mickey 2, Cody can delete any objects he points to. When doing this, the color of his pencil turns white, like the color of air.
  • Hero Mode: This ability has its own webpage. Click this link to see the page-----> Stick Cody(Hero Mode)
  • Slash: Cody's basic attack. Does what Stick Michael does in Slush Tile Rush, drawing a line that does decent damage(unlike Micheal's little damage).

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