Stick Cody's Hero Mode(called Codyhero) is a mode that occurs when Cody has enough energy, or simply his Ultra Attack. After first activated, he will have the ability to transform again any time he wants.

Hero Mode!

Appearance Edit

Codyhero has a small change in look. His blue outline becomes slightly darker, gets the Night's Edge with an invincible shield, and an orange cape.

Abilities Edit

He doesn't have to many abilities, but all of his attacks do devastating damage.

  • Night Strike: Codyhero does a uppercut or a downward-cut that stuns AND does AoE(Or simply area) Damage.
  • Final Strike: Cody swings his sword at a super fast rate, slashing 30 times before shooting a giant lazer. After he does this, he turns back to his normal self, not being able to transform back until a long period.
  • Shield Bash: Charging with the shield, Cody stuns his target and all of the other targets around him/her/it.