Stick Jayvee is a member of the Slush Fighters V.

He is the twin brother of Vincetick.


Jayvee's main color is light blue and has a light red outline, which contrasts his twin brother, Vincetick's, pure and dark red colors. He has maroon eyes, once again being in contrast to his brother's fierce blue.


Jayvee is an energetic guy but can also be quite the troublemaker. He has a fondness for pulling pranks on others, something he shares with Ethanstick and StKhen.

He very rarely takes things seriously that he, to himself, doesn't feel enthusiastic about doing (mostly studying) and has to be nagged to do them. In contrast to his twin brother's serious attitude, he is the goofy half between them and is clumsy, sometimes even behaving in a way on purpose to mess with people. While he can be the most careless and mischievous one of the bunch, Jayvee is still a good person who takes into consideration the feelings of others and is not above apologizing if he sees that his troublemaking is making things bad.

He has an obvious crush on GaleStick who remains innocently oblivious to it.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • Stick Jayvee's name "Jayvee" is taken directly from Vince's nickname in real life.