Name: Kiki Kamimaru (just call her Kiki)

Slush Fighters: Stick Kiki

Color: White with dark brown outline

Gender: Female

Type: Robot

Rank: Co-leader of Slush Fighters, heroes

Voice: Normal (because she have a mouth, so she can talk. Also, she can eating and drinking too)

Language voice use: English

Energy level: 1000% (because she is robot, so she need to charge the energy)

Weakness: Broken, running out of energy, sad memory, pain, lonely

Goal: Never give up, team power

Location: Slushers (home live), Tokyo (country)


Team: Slush Fighters (roommate), Slush Fighters X, Slush Fighters Wikian, The Stick Team, other Slush Fighters; Friends: Wolfgirl, Yuri, Stagon in Wattpad and other friends; Allies: Citizens, Villagers, Kids, Teengers; Enemies: Slush Baddies; monster, machine, creature, super villains.

Weapon: Katana, nunchuck, blaster gun, staff, dagger, knife, soccer ball, snowboard, lightsaber, shield, buster, sword, bow, gun, rifle, sniper rifle, chainsaw, tomahawk, wrench, hammer, SMG, magic pen, star rod, keyblade, kunai, tonfa, sai, bomb, grenade, scythe, whip, claw, spear, frying pan, hidden blade, trident, baseball bat, lance, pick-axe, gauntlet, shuriken, shovel, rocket launcher, fan, boomerang, beyblade, yoyo.

Abilities: Super-speed, water-breath, flight, super strength, dodge, space-breath, weapons, invisible, bubble-breath, animal language, world language, alien language, disguige, team planner, team warning, rescue, combine, teleport, parkour, healing, copycat, martial art, vision, idea, telekinesis, bulletproof, x-ray, mind reading, high jump, enemy spot, manipulation, acrobat, stretchy, stealth, memory, scanning, wrestling.

Power: Gem (because she have the Elements Gem in her body).

Item: Flashlight, magic bag, laptop with mouse, tablet with pen, iPad, smartphone, battery charger: of iPad, laptop, MP3 and smartphone, paper, crayon, marker, pen, pencil, USB, GPS, card, passport, ticket, bookmark, notebook, MP3, walkie-talkie, compass, calendar, freeze pac, sleep mask, alarm clock, watch, telescope, first aid kit, badge, glue, scissors.

Like: Playing games, writing, music, reading, drawing, painting, hanging with friend, shopping, dancing, training, save the world, exercise, singing, chat, swimming, dive, eating, drinking, talking, comment, shower and washing, working, cleaning, sleeping with other, party, fixing, telling the story, fresh, cosplay, holiday, festival, fun with friend, babysitting, take the break, cooking, enjoy, question and answer, dreaming, hugging, yoga, visit, laundry, explode, helping, making, problem solve, taking the picture, record and filming the video and movie, watching, playing sports, camping, dressing, patting, high five, posting.

Hate: Enemy, losting friend, evil plan, traitor, evil destroy the world, heartbroken, hurting friend and everybody, April Fool Day, beer and wine (because is drunk), smoking, pollution, evil plan, cheating, war.

Personality: Kind, care, warm, smart, forgive, understand feeling, cheer, friendly, share, serious, promise, trust and helpful.

Feeling emotions: Normal, sad, happy, angry, bored, funny, cute, love, worries, scare, surprise, agree, chill, calm, dizzy, cool, shy, brave, crazy, shock, laugh, cry, excited, tired, upset.

Hobbies: Slush Fighters fan.

Favorite: Animal, animations, item, dance, music instruments, games, anime, cartoon, movies, show, sports, world and country, food and drink, sauce, place, holiday, side, season, weather, dimension, music genre, movies genre, book genre, games genre, color, website, song.

Stick Kiki

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