Stick Killstreak is the rogue Slush Fighter. He is the older brother of Sterika.


Stick Killstreak's main color is pale yellow with a dark red outline and he has orange-red eyes.


Stick Killstreak is, to put it in one word, a hunter. Despite being a member of the Slush Fighters M. and overall a part of Slusher, Stick Killstreak went rogue against everyone he knows in favor of doing things in his own way.

While far away from being evil, Stick Killstreak holds a lot of violent aggression and a lust for mayhem. He favors strong violence against anyone against him than talk to them, something that rarely becomes an option to him. Being the son and oldest child of a feared demon, Stick Killstreak takes over much of his father's side than his mother, a known heroine. Unlike his younger sister, he values teamwork and even the people closest to him the least and would rather partake in a fight without anybody holding him back so that he can go all out when he wants to, something that hindered him before going rogue. He denies being a sadist even though he sees people in pain amusing and often taunts his enemies while beating them.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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