You go inside a bar, throw a bomb, kill 50 people, then the bomb explodes

-Stick Lachlan

Stick Lachlan is a grey stickman with a green border, he wields a legendary bow, the one known to be wield by Katniss.


  • Epiclly epic bow of awesomeness.


  • Standard attack: he shoots an enemy, leaving massive damage to the enemy.
  • Upgrade 1: "Catching Fire": Now enemies will catch on fire when he shoots.
  • Upgrade 2: "Triple arrows!: As the name of the upgrade entails, he now shoots 3 arrows instead of 1.
  • Ultra Attack: Hunger games!: He fires an arrow so strong, it goes on +600 VELOCITY!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Apparently, yet sadly, there is no Lachlan in the Hunger Games...Is there? No, I don't think so...
  • He is the first member in Rangers United to have a bow.