Stick Louis is the pragmatic soldier and admin of the Slush Fighters V.


Stick Louis is a white stickman with a black border. While he does have the same color scheme as Stanthony, he is not to be confused with him in any sort of way. Louis has pure blue eyes, although they can visibly be seen as a slightly darker shade.


Stick Louis is a guy who does what he needs to do for the safety of others compared to his own. He is, in general, a very friendly person and likes hanging out with his friends, especially his teammates.

While he is this, during combat he can be serious and quite pragmatic in situations, using his quick-thinking to his advantage and often calls out to others for things they can improvise on and create a plan of attack. He is his team's official strategist when it comes down to it. Louis is very crafty and can make use of whatever is around him for him to use in any situation he may find himself and his friends in. He dislikes betrayal due to incident where a former ally of his double-crossed him and his other companions before that lead to the near defeat of his previous junior squad.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Assault Rifle:Edit

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Explosives Expert:Edit

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