Stick Mary

Full Name

Marisa Ky


Thief of Hearts, Just a Thief


Firing magic bullets, broom-aided flight, Master Spark through mini-hakkero, small hitbox, charismatic to women


Extremely fragile hitbox, can be overconfident


Practicing magic


Magic, valuable widgets


Downers, overconfident people

Stick Mary is a Slush Fighter. She is a yellow stickwoman with a black border who wears a black witch hat and has a broom. She is a witch with the power to fire bullets at an incredible rate and range. Mary adopted her name due to people confusing it when she used "Mari."


Mary is somewhat self-centered for someone on the side of good. She is often blunt to others and playful in most situations. On top of this, she is a kleptomaniac who has a habit of stealing from foes and sometimes even friends. She does, however, know when to get serious and fights on the basis that if no one else will resolve any incidents that come up, she will.

Abilities in Launcher GameEdit

  • Fires fast bullets at enemies
  • Small hitbox
  • Collects power-ups from enemies
    • Has 2 levels of power:
      1. Fires a fast stream of bullets forwards
      2. Adds 2 diagonal streams
    • Loses all power-ups if hit
  • Requires full recharge to attack
  • Standard Fighter


  • Illusion Laser (55,000 points)
    • Adds a 3rd level of power: side lasers fire occasionally, reaching full screen and instantly killing normal enemies
  • Border Collect (65,000 points)
    • At the end of her attack, all power-ups generated by Mary will attract to her before retreating
  • Master Spark (1 Slush Token)
    • A stolen learned master art!
      • Mary uses her mini-hakkero to fire a full-range laser that instantly kills every enemy and doubles Big Blue's current velocity.
      • Level 0 Ultra
      • Cannot be used unless Mary collects a bomb power-up, which only has a 1-in-100 chance of dropping from an enemy



It is unknown what Mary's past relations with Trixie were like, but currently Trixie is clingy to Mary and seemingly apologetic for an earlier incident. Mary does not share these feelings and is mostly confused over Trixie's obsessiveness with her.

Most womenEdit

Mary has an unintentional ability to charm most other women. Mary, however, remains oblivious to their advances and is more likely to steal from them something she finds valuable than return their feelings. This has earned her the nicknames "Thief of Hearts" and "Just a Thief."


IN Stage 4 (powerful) Boss - Marisa Kirisame's Theme - Love-colored Master Spark

IN Stage 4 (powerful) Boss - Marisa Kirisame's Theme - Love-colored Master Spark

Neither the writer nor the wiki owns this song.

Strixie's JudgmentEdit

Mary? Mary, what are you doing here?! Trixie thought you left years ago! She still remembers the great times we had, and Trixie will admit, she did go a little too far with the mushroom forest incident. But you still forgive Trixie, right? Please come back to Trixie!

Overall: 9/10 - And please, give Trixie back her antique magician's hat. It's a family heirloom.


Notes from Scottick: These are all Slush Fighters I have made up and created. Apart from Scottick, none of them are based off any real-life people. Also, please do not edit this page without Scottick's permission.