Stick Stan is the main protagonist within The Stickman Series
Stan 3

Appearance Edit

Stick Stan's main color is green with Cyan blue outline, he also has brown pupils with a darker shade of itself. 

Personality Edit

Despite being respected and looked at as a leader, Stan is also a friend that people can approach on. He has a polite personality and is very caring, especially to his girlfriend. Compared to his friends, Stan is by far the most mature of them all, often being level-headed and rational.

Though, he can be aggressive and worries too much at times and can even yell at his team for not cooperating and sometimes being incompetent. He can also trust a person easily to the point where he can be tricked and betrayed. But in the end, he does admit his mistakes.

In combat, Stan is very strategic and observant. While fighting, he relies more on intelligence and uses it to maximize the use of his abilities. He also gathers the opponent's strengths and weaknesses, using it against them.

Abilities Edit

High Agility Edit

Stan is incredibly agile and fast, being able to quickly move to one location to another. He also displays quick reflexes and can fight at a rapid pace. Though Stan might rely on his speed most of the time, since he cannot withstand most incoming strikes.

Electric Kick Edit

Stan can charge his kicks with electricity, giving his enemies violent shocks.

Strategy Edit

Stan usually holds a main plan and a backup plan, but at times when facing an unknown opponent, he fights while observing their strengths and weaknesses, and can learn how to counter them eventually.

Trivia Edit

  • Stick Stan's color was supposed to be reverse of Green and Skyblue.
  • If his color is inverted, it appears that he looks like SticKirby.
    • This was a forgotten easter egg (until TRS reminded me).
  • Stick Stan's second name is Terence.
  • Originally, Stick Stan didn't have any powers but had high speed.
  • Stick Stan is actually good at using swords.

Gallery Edit

  • Stan
  • Stan and Zee

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