Stick Stan is the main protagonist within The Stickman Series and is the leader of his squad Team S


He is the boyfriend of Stick Zee 

Appearance Edit

Stan's main color is green and has cyan outline and possesses brown eyes. 

Personality Edit

Though Stan wears an unflinching serious expression most of the time, he is in fact helpful and kind. His affable demeanor is constantly present both in and out of battle, often helping his teammates despite putting his own life at risk. Moreover, he would rebel against higher authorities in order to help people. Stan is solicitous and considerate to most people and treats them in a well mannered way.

Due to him being fragile and unable to sustain damage for long, he is both courageous and cautious during battle. Stan often uses his intelligence as an advantage and is able to outsmart most of his enemies who are mostly stronger than him in comparison.

Contrary to his previous character traits, Stan is very violent and unmerciful to his enemies. In every attack made, he would apply brute force against his enemies and would not hesitate to kill them if needed.

Abilities Edit

High Agility Edit

Stan is incredibly agile and fast, being able to quickly move to one location to another. He also displays quick reflexes and can fight at a rapid pace. Though Stan might rely on his speed most of the time, since he cannot withstand most incoming strikes.

Kick Barrage Edit


Trivia Edit

  • His colors is almost identical to SticKirby's if inverted.
  • Stick Stan's second name is Terence.

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