Stick Zee is one of the main protagonists in The Stickman Series and one of the first females to appear within the series.  She is the girlfriend of Stick Stan
Stick Zee 3


Stick Zee has light yellow body color and light-pink outline. She has a long, pink hair that almost reaches her waists, she will occasionally tie her hair into a pony tail.She also has lavender irises.

Personality Edit

Zee is a kind, caring and loving person. She has high morality and is very cheerful at times. She is also clever and has high morality, she tends to ignore the negativity of a person and believes everyone has a good side. Her high enthusiasm has gave her a lot of friends and people that adore her.

However, when she reaches her limit, she can be very hostile and spits out hurtful words and even attack without hesitating.

Abilities Edit

Pink Flames Edit

She is able to emit pink flames and use them in any kind. They can be used to coat her hand and explode when punching an enemy, or can be used to shield her or her teammates, which is resistant to standard attacks but will eventually break.

Dragon Spirit Edit

Zee rarely uses this, but when enraged she projects a pink, spirit-like dragon that she can control freely. It can go through any solid matter and is capable of disintegrating any person or matter if allowed. Though after the ability is used, it largely decreases Zee's energy.

Healing Abilities Edit

Zee is able to recover from wounds and damages quickly and is able to heal her fellow teammates, though it would take some time if the victim is in a bad shape.

Trivia Edit

  • Stick Zee's original power was pink flames, but was changed to "hearty" flames.

Gallery Edit

  • StickZee
  • Zee in the "play screen"
  • Stan and Zee

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