Jade Powers? Edit

Jeo got jade machetes he could wield out from his arm. The main factor is that where they came from is still not yet valid.

"Wh-What's this?! H-How can I do this??"
He clearly said that after a Blue got punched, then the machetes magically appeared onto his right arm he just used and he was surprised.

There was this mission: Infiltrate the Bluish Headquarters. Temporarily.

Few Defenders were related to the infiltration, including Stickhyun Jeo. A colour code of whitish-green, he was a powerful attacker especially when handling Blue Baddies, and maybe Drabs. One moment when they tried sneaking through the Headquarters basement where they can head to the ladders leading to the second floor. A few steps away from escape, apparently Blues started slowing down their way. So they fought for a chance to get on without any trace, the task force punched and kicked any Blue they can see. Once Jeo did his uppercut, of course, the first jade machete came from his right arm. At first he was shocked and tought for a while if that's something dangerous. Result? Nope, he tries using the machete and finally gets used to it. Later on he then is able to pull out another machete from his left arm and pull them back in when not in use. Moreover, both arm machetes are so tough they can block, even deflect bullet fires either close or long range fires. The most toughest block he did was with a shotgun, which did not killed Jeo himself, but that Blue who fires it and the rest.

Game Description Edit

  • Damages multiple targets
  • Limited health

Upgrades Edit

Final Slam Edit

Last hit done by Jeo instantly kills targets with health below 50%.

HP+ Edit

Increases 20% more health

Deadly Jade Edit

Increases 30% more damage

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