Stickody Edit

Stickody (or Stick Cody) is red with a maroon outline. He attacks passively with 2 pistols. If you use him in the final battle, his theme is this

Attack Edit

Periodically fires his pistols at random enemies. He's always running on the bottom of the screen. He has limited health. He is an auto fighter.

Perks Edit

  • Cover fire
  • Upgrades to get much more attacks
  • Is that a helicopter?!

Upgrades Edit

  • Assault rifle

Adds a standard attack. Shoots current target with an assault rifle upon clicking his icon. Icon has medium recharge. Stickody is now a standard fighter.

  • Grenade attachment (requires Assault rifle)

Adds an input attack. Fires a fragment grenade at the targeted enemy for explosive damage upon second click of his icon. He is now an input fighter.

  • Helicopter (level 3 ultra (requires Grenade attachment + 1 slush token)

Stickody slows down and goes off the screen before returning in a heavily armed helicopter. He stays in the helicopter for the rest of the level. During which his health is increased, his pistol attack is replaced by twin machine-guns, his standard assault rifle attack is replaced with a standard gatling gun attack, and his input grenade attack is replaced with an input missile attack. These new attacks deal more damage.

About Edit

He was great at weapons and piloting and with such skills, the board decided it would be worth it to make him an instructor. He is a well disciplined and highly respected weapons instructor. And his skill in piloting helicopters is unparalleled. He's not all serious though. He can party hard when he's not working.

Trivia Edit

  • His locked icon shows him trying to fix a broken gun.
  • He is the only fighter that can be auto, standard, or input.
  • He has the most icons. One for auto, standard, passive, and his helicopter.

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