Stictor, the Crashing Wave (Victor) is a teal stickman with a sea foam green border. He controls water and temperatures.


Personality Edit

Stictor is very relaxed no matter what is happening. Usually. If he is panicking you have a cause to freak out.

Stictor dislikes Stroth, believing that his limp is fake and is for attention/respect. He and Stroth clash often, with Stroth often pointing out a direct approach, while he argues for the sneakier, stealthier way to do things.

More tba....sorry don't have time and sick

Game-Style DescriptionEdit

  • Shoots a concentrated beam of frosty water at foes, stunning them. Little damage.
  • Has a 50% chance to ignore damage when shooting

    And the tsunami begins.


  • Flash Flood: Beam of water widens by 65%
  • Temperature Change: Press Stictor's icon again during initial approach to change the water temperature to a scalding hot, moderately increasing the damage. However, this removes the stun effect.
  • Searing Tsunami (Ultramate Attack): Stictor summons an enormous tidal wave at boiling temperatures, which floods the ground for 5 seconds, heavily damaging enemies nearby, and sometimes coughs up small waves that do little damage.

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