Stim Edit

Stim is a purple stickman and i the second stickman to get attacked in Slush Invaders:The Alternate Universe. He is the co-leader of the Alternate team.


Powers Edit

Stim has psychic powers and green wave can be seen when he uses them. Stim can VERY rarely create portals if he has enough power in him.

Story Edit

Stim is the second slush defender to join after StAdam but there is a rumor saying that Stim is the founder of the slusher wing and tower and not StAdam. Nothing is really known about Stim since he never talks. Stim supposedly joined when his original town kicked him out for being too weird so Stim is very caring towards his fellow slush defenders. The only two people who know the truth about his past is Stim himself and BigBlue.

Relationships Edit

Stim is friends with anyone but doesn't like anyone to know that as they would think he is soft so when anyone acts friendly towards him, he is prepared to shoot them far....VERY far....

In Game Upgrades (Not Real Yet) Edit

Stim - Pushes target back. Less enemies he pushes, the greater the push force.

Brain Damage - Stim deals little damage when attacking

Weaken - Knocks a drab's gun off when attacking them, turning them to a regular blue

The Force - Pushes every enemy on screen and pushes BigBlue through 30% of the level

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